Law Faculty of Tanjungpura University Holds International Law Conference

PONTIANAK – Rector of Tanjungpura University Thamrin Usman considers that the International Conference held by the Faculty of Law of Tanjungpura University in collaboration with the CILS Center for International Law Studies (CILS) University of Indonesia, entitled the 8th CILS International Conference on States Boundary Affairs is a good opportunity to examine the law related to border.

“This meeting is very important because it talks about two border areas of West Kalimantan and Sarawak, ethnic, tribal, local customs and wisdom, but we are limited by law and citizenship, and this is interesting to examine, even though we have borders but actually imaginary, it can we eliminated so that the progress of two sides can be realized and equal, “he said when met on the sidelines of the event, Monday (2/10/2017).

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The subjects discussed at this conference are strengthening the law between the two countries and the border law agreement.

The purpose is to examine some issues on the border from the side of the law.

He hopes that with such a study there will be developments that make the two countries’ economies balanced.

“Because we can see the economies of these two countries are not equal, but thankfully the conditions of the border areas have been much better at the time of President Jokowi,” he said.

The conference, which was attended by various academics and researchers of international law both domestically and abroad, was attended also by the Director General of the Directorate of Law and International Agreement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Dr Iur Dumoli Agusman.

Usman Thamrin also conveyed the importance of the role of academics in developing the country, because the government needs their studies as a consideration to deal with the state’s problems.

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